Pluto & Me

November 11, 2011
Your so far away,
You look lost.
Are you okay?
Or are you too dated?
Cause no one understands the backseat,
And no one understands why your inferior.
So you spend the days and nights in the darkness,
While the other planets are being inhaled by the sun.
And the worst think is you can’t wake up.
Lost in a eternal nightmare.
And some people neglect you being a average planet,
They took your being and we both yell bandit!
But what do you see Pluto,
We know you need to squint to see that bright star.
What’s on the other end of the galaxy?
A new world?
A new life?
Or do you see the end of space?
So lets go to a distant place,
And learn something,
We don’t know.
Cause sooner or later,
Others will fallow.
Its okay Pluto,
Your not the only one alone.
When they see us,
They’ll yell in the megaphone.
Will be hysterical,
And laugh the day away,
I promise, they will never find are hiding place,
They would need to go through the maze.
And look in the haze,
While looking I’m sure they will be crazed.

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