The Question asked but never answered

December 14, 2011
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Why do we live, just to die or do we live for to prepare for our end?
Is it to empty the world, to make space for new beginnings and ending old ones, old spirits that have lived longer and learned their lessons, But were just children like us,They questioned the world , just as we do now. But who knew the wonders of the world and universe without their help, who knew that life doesn't last forever,So to Cherise life and to face the music of life.

Many people live life to the limit, challenging themselves to do dangerous stunts to the extreme, but some go to far.
While others make nothing of their lives, by working hard and not having enjoyment with friends and family. But still earn a good living and a live of misunderstanding of the world, A life of happiness , but unknowing to what the world has to offer, if you just try and never give up.

But soon, we all will fall and find we are no longer living , but do not be afraid and people are there to look after you and people to mourn to you and pray about you and they know you have gone to a happier place. We leave behind our memories that are passed down to our children and our children with our knowledge will inherit the Earth with and through our experiences to guide them in there lives.

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