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Life stands still.
The only thing on your mind is the rising ground.
Gravity is winning the game tug of war.
This is going to be painful.

Your stomach lurches back and forth
threatening to reintroduce your last meal.
Everything is a blur.
You have lost control of your voice and cannot shout for help.

Your hair flies around your dizzy head,
billowing in the deafening wind.
Your limbs are flailing,
and feel as if they are about to fall off.

You look up at the cliff you have just leaped off.
You look at the people staring at you.
Your mind is still on the ever closer ground.
This will really hurt.

Birds swirl around your head,
making you feel dizzier.
They have the ability to fly,
they have a choice to hit the ground or to soar through the skies.

As the ground is greeting my arrival,
my whole body jerks upwards.
I bounce in the air for a while staring at the disappointed ground.
I vaguely remember being attached to an elastic rope
and this was all for fun.

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thinkhappythoughts said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 10:40 am
LOVE IT!! It matches the experience perfectly, and catches that beautiful element of suspense. Makes me want to go bungee jumping!
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