People around me

December 14, 2011
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People around me,
Making me laugh,
Scaling the mass,
Of my existence

They may create hilarity,
But they don’t understand me,
Croaking, choking, owning up their lives,
With stupidity

Scrolling on their phones,
Finding a new death tone,
No hope one motive,
Making death quicker

Frying their minds,
Boiling their eyes,
Screaming for validity,
Ripping out their hearts willingly

Willing to serve the word,
Of anyone with a pen and the nerve,
Sucking up to the king,
Make sure you destroy the ring

Crappy jokes and movie references,
Rhyming conniving hypocrites,
Scheming to destroy the differences,
That make us all separate

Live for the music,
Free the soul,
When you say those words,
It all sounds dull

Not understanding the meaning,
Even with your head leaning to secure,
The robotic spine in your back,
Soul is a luxury that you lack

My hand’s getting tired,
Writing this paper of rhyme,
You actually read this,
Just a big waste of time…

Another re-entry,
Into this side of me,
Keeping entertainment alive,
Killing the queen in the hive

Living for the death we call,
Hoping comedy will deny it,
Comedy: an art of us all
Swallowing whole the so called “bit”

Thinking life is about entertainment,
You’re late for arraignment,
Death isn’t so simplistic,
Your death won’t be symbolic

Crumpling pieces of paper,
Recycling keeping everyone distracted,
You are the creator,
But your image refracted

Licking the guitar with your fingers,
Amazing people to the edge of a cliff,
Shredding but boring the singer,
The death of the riff

Wearing your cap sideways, frontways, always,
Waiting for the next new cool thing,
Wanting to give your soul away,
To the carriers of the ring

Scaling, mailing, wailing,
Supposedly “owning” your own life,
When in absolute fact, not hear saying,
You don’t even own that knife

The bloodied edge of a mini-sword,
Coming for me at full speed,
You’re just making me bored,
Trying to make me scream, plead, bleed

This isn’t a preaching,
It’s a hearing of all the stupidity before me,
I’m not out-of-bounds reaching,
Just can’t hit the backspace key.

Cynical, hypocritical, politician, with no money?
I chuckle.

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