December 14, 2011
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If we were Weapons
You’d be an aimed arrow – I’d be a free lance sword

If we were Works of Art
You’d be a Da Vinci – I’d be a Van Gogh

If we were Books
You’d be straightforward fiction – I’d be imaginative fantasy

If we were Politics
You’d be stuck in the conventional – I’d thrive in the radical

If we were Birds
You’d show off your eagle wings – I’d preen my peacock tail

If we were Movies
You’d be a sappy chick flick – I’d be a creepy chiller

If we were Myths
You’d be a glittering fairy – I’d be a stalking vampire

If we were Colors
You’d be pristine white – I’d be mysterious black

If we were Holidays
You’d be Merry Christmas – I’d be Happy Halloween

If we were Plays
You’d be modern Legally Blonde – I’d be classic The Phantom of the Opera

If we were Skin
You’d be meticulously cleansed – I’d be laboriously drawn on

If we were Shoes
You’d be ankle breaking heels – I’d be comfy Converse

If we were Poets
You’d be Dr. Seuss – I’d be Edgar Allan Poe

If we were Bodies of Water
You’d be shallow – I’d be deep

If we were Ourselves
You’d be trying to blend in with the crowd – I’d be trying to stand on my own

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