Your eyes

December 19, 2011
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It feels as if you're letting go
I take a breath
You give me mixed signs
Tears fall
Smiles fade
Everything good remains as yesterday
Do I mean anything to you?
Or am I just someone you can push around
You're the bully
I'm the kid
You're the china shop
Im the bull
It seems as if they'res nothing left to say
But yet I have so many questions
You were my superhero
The prince that saved the damsel in distress
But now its as if the damsel has nothing left
You told me you loved me
You promised
You swore
I'd do just about anything to keep you from walking out the door
You look at me with those inspirational eyes
As tears fall and leak from my hazel eyes
I just want us to be okay
Im tired of pretending everythings fine
You're literally the only thing on my mind
I take a deep breathe
Inhale all the lies
Exhale the truth
Its just something about me and you
I look you in the eyes
give you one last kiss
then I walk out the door
missing those arms of his.

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