Be My Girl

December 7, 2011
By PhantomWolf13 PLATINUM, Slatington, Pennsylvania
PhantomWolf13 PLATINUM, Slatington, Pennsylvania
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Be my girl
Be my one
Be my fun in the sun, sun, sun, sun, sun

I was...
Lost in the darkness
Scars on my brain
Lost and alone
Going insane
Then I saw a spark
That started my heart
Away with the cold
Goodbye to the old

Now I'm free
Free like a bird
Now look at me
This is absurd

I can see, I can feel
Now my heart will heal
I was on the cliff
And was given a shove
Now I'm falling
Falling in Love

Be mine
For the rest of time
Girl I know your the one
Sometimes you feel it with someone
And I feel it with you
I know my feelings are true.

Be My Girl, Be My Girl
Be My Girl, Be My Girl
Be My Girl, Be My Girl...

The author's comments:
I wrote this to be a song, but if feels more like a poem. Although, when I read it, I still hear music and rhythm. So I'll let you, my readers, decide. Either way. As it may be obvious, I have a special girl in my life, and this is, of course, about her. Here's to you my love. Enjoy friends.

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