Tallying The Dayz

December 7, 2011
By scrapp BRONZE, Kc, Missouri
scrapp BRONZE, Kc, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
only God can judge me- Tupac Shakur

As i look up to the sky
I sometimes ask myself
Yo Gabriel how you doing?
You still after that paper you be pursuing?

Hardly ever caught slipping
I'm a man on a mission
and this missions getting freedom
I won't stop until I'm breathing

I'm a slave to my thoughts
trapped in a five foot box

Just thinking how's my big cuz doing
hope you handling your business
can't wait for you to come home
we gonna ball out
the whole crew stay strong

But then my heart turns colder
in a way i can't explain
because they pointing fingers
till there's no one else to blame

Sometimes i feel like I'm speaking just to speak
thinking till I'm deep
it's like every-body's deaf
no one listens to my message
guess it's only for the blessedness?

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