Satine Thy Angel of Darkness

December 7, 2011
Part I:
Satine thy Angel of Darkness

Flames, consuming destroying, the power within the only thing it knew. Power , pain , anger , the rage illuminated skies , red blood poured , cries to the heavens , towards the moon , mother earth absorbing. Down once more to the dungeon of her black despair... Down we plunge to the prison of my mind. Down that path into darkness deep as he**!

Why, you ask, was I bound and chained in this cold and dismal place? Not for any mortal sin, but the wickedness of my abhorrent Beauty! Hounded out by everyone, Met with hatred everywhere... No kind words from anyone No compassion anywhere...
Darkness why...?
My wild flames consume, I am wildfire... within my core , is the power of the universe , I am the universe , but I destroy , but longing for love ..
Flames consuming, made to destroy , decimate , all life , absorbing every breath , my fames lengthen , red blooming fire , the soul of millions … blood flowing .. Hunger... like a thousand arms rapping around worlds, lives, hopes, dreams, love. Sucking the life source, the sap, from its heart.
Darkness, The abyss of nothingness controls wildfire…
Wildfire … My flames, power, must consume the red rose... the symbol of all life... the symbol of the purpose for all , and everything ,must burn each petal .. Until dust only falls.

The angel of darkness stirs…and heightens each sensation...turning his face away from the garish light of day , turning all thoughts away from cold unfeeling light , feeling the darkness , the power of the night …Black wings , thick soft , silk , tall and strong , skin pale as snow .. Hair black as ebony … his touch like a blazing uncontrolled heat...
His heart as thick, and as searing as the sea.

green emerald Eyes, mother earth’s heart...
Waiting , hearing , observing , counting the long stable memories , of each passing moment , until the Flames awaken towards the red rose … Waiting for the only things that is most beautiful , her flames like the sun beaming rays , her power like a consuming black hole , her colors , not just a fire , but all colors of bitter sweet , soft tenderness kill.. Her fire , but only seen as such , her form within , all flames , within all swirling mist of fire , blazing , searing , lashes of raging red, the power of a heart , of a mystical soul ..

The fire... her eyes... so red, blood, each drop... of her mist, the swirling sensation... of all the sadness in the world, eyes that deceive and adore.
Her touch so apposing , like ice , from the arctic sea , her skin smooth like silk , her hair as orange streaked , but blue , yes blue , the strongest symbol of the fire as she is . But , what the Angel of darkness had concurred watching her envelope in the sky , as her fire began to consume the garden her eyes , pierce open with the intensity of ..

Angel of darkness... sings a strong , but humble melody … staring straight , into the wildfires eyes , clattering , piercing ,inflamed , restless wall of flame… a roaring rage that is never tamed. But beauty, colors of the entire universe, intertwining …as a soft pierce ray of light swirls within her red eyes…
You show no mercy – no regard:
A writhing army uncontrolled.
At least you don’t discriminate,
Selecting to exterminate:
All dealt with equal pain untold.
In time of drought you run amok –

An open chimney of the hearts and souls.
Prefer to scorch than suffocate:
In blinding zeal, incinerate
To blackened vista now unmanned.
Destruction be your only goal
For you to vent your jealous wrath
On gentle life with caring soul
And human victims to console:
As you are none, but psychopath.

So there it is – you are but flame:
Reacting gases to adorn –
With orange flicks of flailing arms,
You’re flaunting your demonic charms…

Roaring the wildfire , became , raged , heard his voice , deep , husky , her bright orange , red flames , unending spiraling into the seas of her own self , hearing his words , her heart , yes her thick black sheet of glass heart , cracking , breaking , and with one breath of his lips , it shatters , ice pieces shattering all ways ..

Her heart beginning to beat , once for the firm time , as she could remember , blood scorching .. through her veins , her eyes turn ,a soft creamy red , as her hair now curls , along the fire , a body , forming , flesh , hands , a dress made from the flames , scorching as her wildfire swirled into wings …

Walking towards the angel of darkness. As her hand is extended, as he clasped her, the fire consuming them both, she gasped, her fire almost diminished... her flames blue now … she cupped his face , fingers tangled into his ebony hair , her lips , parts , her eyes piercing the flames.. Smolder, as her lips
Of flame mold against his...

A kiss... her lips , beauty , of death , a kiss that draws life force from all .. but not him , as she felt so cooler , as if she was being melted … his lips broke from her flames..

Words softly whispered, then sheaved from his lips...
Have you gorged yourself at last in your lust for blood? Am I now to be prey to your lust for flesh?

She spoke, a soft deep enchanting whisper...
That fate which condemns me…To wallow in blood
Has also denied me
The joys of the flesh …This Power infection…
Which poisons our love..

This..Being I am... Which earned a universe fear and loathing..
A mask, my first
Unfeeling touch of darkness...
The wave’s sharp, posing walls of flames began to bloom around the rose and the angel ..

Flames jerking , twisting into the sky , the body in which the flame embodied , burst into flames , to ash , as the eyes of the fire become ,
Piercing full of fury, and rage, love,
the fire , a phoenix, its wings beautiful , the feathers , thick of flames , each wing held ,a millions lives it took ..
The phoenix scrawled …
Pity comes too late Turn around and face your fate an eternity of this…
Before your eyes..

The dark angel …extending his wings, a husky voice says so strongly...
Wings intertwining with the phoenix’s, each feather tangling, as he pulled her close, the wildfire’s flames massive and unfurling..
This haunted face..
Holds no horror for me now
It's in your soul...
That the true distortion lies …

Darkness, I couldn’t destroy the rose... I couldn’t destroy... that angel of darkness… Talking within the darkness..
talking within herself , what the darkness was , the evil ,
dominate part of her own being, she sought help ... for her to be dominate .. she explained….

I can feel my heart beating , I felt his kiss , not just any lips , but that kiss
Please .. I need him.. I .. I love him..
Darkness always gave answers :
You love him ? This whole romance that you invented just proves you’re too naïve to be in control.. It’s demented!

Please , look at you , you think that he is impressed ?!
Don’t be weak, let me take over ,
Darkness knows best ..
Satine knows best …
Satine is so strong now .
.Fine if you’re so sure now !
Go ahead and give him this !

A red light illuminating the emptiness of black ,As a beacon , it shines ..
The rose of the universe the main core of life …
This is why he is here don’t let him
deceive you give him to him ,
watch you’ll see , trust me my dear , the wildfires
flame goes out like a soft sigh , as the darkness surrounds her flame smoldering short moments ..
That’s how fast he’ll leave you
I won’t say I told you so !
No, Satine knows … best so if he’s such an
Eternal…Go. Put him to the test!
She throws the rose through her into Satine …
Darkness vanishing.. Darkness enveloping … back to the inside of her, as it screams..

If he’s lying
Don’t come crying,
Darkness knows the way!

End of Part 1

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