What Happened

December 8, 2011
By ClumzyBree BRONZE, Lynwood, California
ClumzyBree BRONZE, Lynwood, California
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I look into your eyes,
but see nothing there.
What happened to the love,
that we use to share?
I reach out for your hand,
and it feels so cold.
What happened to the warmth,
that it use to hold.
I never thought a love,
like ours would ever die.
I never thought you,
could ever make me cry.
It use to be so special,
like a dream come true.
You were the one for me,
and I was the one for you.
Now things have changed,
we've fallen apart.
You're not the same person,
that once touched my heart.
Don't say you need time,
cause time is all we had.
I'm tired of being hurt,
and feeling so sad.
There's nothing left to do,
but go our own way.
The question of "what happened"
will be answered some day.

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