Deep brown eyes

December 8, 2011
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Deep inside my brown eyes what lies?
Does a monster lurk waiting wanting ever second of the day?
Does a angle seep through them, out them making me, me?
Does a weeping girl slowly wish for a drop of my blood to leap from my wrists?

Maybe not an angle or a girl, but something lurks inside, something like a monster every second of everyday wishing for attention.
"ME!" it shouts, "ME! ME! ME!"
The monsters hands, unlike my own, cold they wish to curl around others throats.
Is this why my throat always pains me? The monster so want to get out that he scratches at my throat.
Is this why i apologizes so much?
Knowing deep down inside i am a monster.

So, yes deep inside my brown eyes lies a monster, who is nothing like me. This monster isn't such a monster, because what kind of monster does harm to no else but me?

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