The Man Of Stone

December 8, 2011
In my deepest thoughts
I turn a man of stone
so far away

I give him a heart
a heart that beats with affection
lost behind unspoken words

I give him eyes
eyes that sparkle with humor
and show the soul inside that loves without cause

I give him lips
lips that speak a thousand words
but save three special ones just for me

I give him a body
a body that braves Hell
and exists to protect me when I fall

I give him hands
hands that, without purpose, fall still but never remain
They tap on table tops in the tune of two hearts
beating as one

My deepest thoughts are not reality
A man of stone, stays stone
A heart that does not beat
Eyes that do not see
Lips that do not speak
A body that remains rigid in tedium
Hands that tap out of tune

Lost in oblivion
I turn to my thoughts again
While the Stone man does not know
While he dare not notice the one who cares the most.

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