I Remember

December 8, 2011
Seeing her cry and stuck, just broke my heart
not knowing what her life had in store scared me.
I remember everything,
happy or sad.
Memories of tears shed, for she
had to switch schools.
She didn't want to leave
but she had to.
I remember tossing and turning
and sleepless nights from her fears.
The thump woke me up
and within a few days she hd a hot pink cast
on her foot.
I remember the loss of her best friends
I've forgiven them,
First heart break,
I was there catching her tears like butterflies.
She hates him,
but I've forgotten about him.
I remember her cleaning all night,
barely getting any sleep,
and crying throughout the night.
She misses Grandma Williams.
She was scared to start high school.
I knew she'd be okay.
I remember her life going from thorns
to a beautiful rose.
My wish came true,
she found her rose among thorns.
I remember her losing
Grandpa Williams.
She's still scared of
I love you.
I remember when the rose turned back to
Her heart shattered into
a billion pieces.
She still misses him
and still cares for him.
I remember her not running to me.
Does she even remember me?
Does she even know where I am in her house?

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