Loving Sorrow

December 8, 2011
For day upon day I sat and waited,
And in this tower I must stay gated,
Away from the troubles of his raging wars.
For my father did not care about the scores,
And a love for which I had possessed,
There is a minor detail that I must confess,
He's charming and he's sweet,
In his shining amour he is never beat,
Too prideful I have to say,
That one trait makes it all fade away,
The Knight of Houstonia I was to wed,
And tomorrow year I would for surely dread,
During the time of peace between lands,
Houstonia and Troy both hand in hand,
I walked about the castle grounds,
With nothing hoping to be found,
Dreaming of that love I still longed for,
Praying that there was another open door,
An option for a different life,
Wishing to be a true love's wife,
Gazing off into my own thoughts,
A stranger I had bumped into my attention was soon caught,
Tall and handsome could this be?
For in his eyes my future I could see.
As the time had passed we grew closer and closer,
And still betrothed to a prideful poser.
A secret love full of sneaking around,
A life in the stocks I am for surely bound,
Lust was too tempting although I tried,
A romance like this was to beautiful to hide.
If my father knew about the deeds I have done,
Another war he would surely have won,
For little had I known at all,
I would soon see both at a banquet ball.
He belonged to the Queen of Troy's royal guard,
That did not matter to me but for my father it would be hard,
Only one I can truely belong to,
While the other I would have to tell the truth.
Sinful sorrows as pleasant as they can be,
This life is not one I would live for me.

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