The Chase

December 8, 2011
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I shadowed her every movement
From when the sun raised in the morning
To when it fell at night.
I stayed at just a distance,
So she couldn't see me.
I watched her strut
As if she were a runway model
Posing for a paparazzi.
She was just a poser though.
In all reality,
Her face looked like
Week old road kill,
With a body of a billowed whale.

I had to have it all planned out
And ready to go
With no error.

This was the time.
My heart was pounding so loud,
I had to hope that she couldn't hear me waiting for her.
I had to be calm, and quite the drum.
I had goose bumps up and down my arms.
I knew I had to complete this task,
And not get caught.


She fell to the ground.
It felt as if an earthquake,
Had just occurred around me.
She was then cold and hard,
Like stone.

I turned around and,
My feet were picking up,
Turning as fast as my body would allow for.
My speed had matched up with the car next to me.
I turned some corners,
Previously plotted,
To get away from the scene, and this town.
I turned into a dark alley,

To catch my breath.

Held at gunpoint.
I'd been framed.
My wrists were clamped tightly together,
Tightly together behind my back.

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