December 8, 2011
By Royce Shatzel BRONZE, Lancaster, New York
Royce Shatzel BRONZE, Lancaster, New York
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There are wolves and then there are Wolves.
The second kind are the more dangerous
The first kind will just eat you
The last kind like to play instead.
Charming, they all are. Even the ones without charm
Endearing, they will show you just enough
Danger, it hangs around them in a cloud,
A cologne of the most seductive kind.
Their prey, equal parts willing and unwitting
The most delicious kind
For the victory is so much sweeter
When they don’t see it coming.
Beware, little lady
The Big Bad Wolf is not a Fairytale
He’s very much real
Very much alive
And he has brothers
Oh, so many brothers
So little lady,
How red is your hood?
How soft is your skin?
Oh what big eyes you have
Is that fear i see in them?
Too bad,..

The author's comments:
I wrote this.

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