Symphony of the City

December 8, 2011
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Cruising, crashing, crazy cab cars constantly screeching
Honking, beeping, beep bleep bleeping, breaking through stoplights
Spotlights, stage lights, I’m on Broadway, fifteen minutes of fame have arrived
Survived, dived, died out on the streets again struggling, stumbling, tumbling
To keep up with this fast paced life

Alive the city is alive, breathing, heart beating
Thump thump, click, clack, click, tap, tap go the heels of the hurried people
Rushing, ranting, dancing over sidewalk cracks

Tracks of the smelly, stuffy, subway
This long metal snake speeds like light below the commotion, motion, motionless
Amidst this bliss, I stand motionless—




Back into this vast world of
Fashion, lights flashing, flash, blast after every click click of the camera
Wild hands smacking, clacking, breaking the silence in a room, not dull but full
Full of obtuse designs, creations of the mind which I admire
Tire, I’m tired, exhausted, frosted in this cruel cold weather

But this city never sleeps

No, never peaks, always climbing up, up and away
I grab myself and stray, energy foaming, forming, building
These buildings stand like I to an ant, rant, can’t see the tippy top
Popping out of this cement, rent, apartments
Hibernation doesn’t exist for Yankees, yanks, yikes!
This overpopulated, never outdated city
Striving for perfection, protection, direction
And yet this blur still maintains charm, there is no alarm

I find myself mesmerized.

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