Live Life For Yourself

December 8, 2011
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Live Life for Yourself
Regardless of what is said and done,
We should always want the best for everyone.
One’s success should bring excitement to our lives,
That’s just how it needs to be designed.

Live life for yourself
There’s a reason we were all made to have our own lives;
To explore this world through our own eyes
Live without regrets, learn from your mistakes, and prepare for what’s next.
Don’t dwell on the past; it’ll just hold you back.
You’re only offered one life to live, so give it all you have.

Live Life for Yourself
Never worry about what people say.
Ignore them until they go away.
Do well for others even if you know they wouldn’t do the same for you.
Keep your head held high and you’ll get what you strive.

Live Life for Yourself
Dream big and work hard.
Determination is the key to survival.
Cease every opportunity that comes your way.
One of these days it will all be worth it.

Live Life for Yourself
We are all living on the same planet, but we’re in a different world.
Everyone’s dreams at one point will be corrupted, but view your struggles in a positive perspective.
One day, everything will fall into place.
It’s just life has us all on a different pace.

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