Faling for the Victim

December 8, 2011
It's just a game to me
you see
The victims of this game
That kindness comes to them
for free
...But it doesn't.

Nothing that they do
or say
Or attempt at getting in
the way
Has ever helped them
get away
...Until this time.

She never fought or made
a sound
Played along while I stood
my ground
She dragged me ffrom the lost
and found
...Then crushed me.

Without regard for
any rules
She played me as the
royal fool
I loved her til she grabbed
the tool
...And killed me.

She played my vicious game
and won
Played one back and had
more fun
And now our twisted games
are done

It was a favorite game
of mine
Until she gave the
perfect lie
In the end I'm dead
'cause I
...Have fallen for the victim.

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