A Single Ray of Sunlight

December 11, 2011
As I slowly close my eyes,
the world turns dark
and I have lost my sight.
I toss and turn, but I still cannot find it.

Then, suddenly, I wake up
in the middle of the wood,
lying flat on the soft moss
staring up at the awakening sun.

The sun begins to shyly peep over the separating clouds
wondering if it is the right time to summon the people to work.
She hesitates for a moment,
then breaks triumphantly through the restraining clouds.

She starts rising up over the highest hills,
starts climbing the tallest trees,
starts seeping through the leafy trunks,
starts awakening the world.

The ocean begins to shimmer,
the birds begin to sing,
the flowers begin to sprout,
and the world begins to awaken.

I begin to feel a soft glow
upon my restful face.
It gets stronger and is glaring into my unseeing eyes.
I open my eyes into the awakened sun.

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so_joy said...
Oct. 17, 2012 at 5:46 pm
Woah! Great job! Love this! Please read, rate, and comment on my work! Thanks!
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