December 11, 2011
Forrever in the light outside my window
The beauty of a world outside my door
The colors change like I knew they would
But im not prepared like they said I should.
For now the air is gentle and refuses to sting yet,
And the sweetness of the tentative makes us unable to forget.
I wish the sand could just not fall for a moment in this time
Suspended in the air to hold onto the divine
Further down we step along this aching, frailing path
And it needs to be apparent you won't hear my sincere laugh
But it seems to be apparent to the world outside my door
That until this said promotion, you and I were nothing more.
Nothing more than honest fun and a tribute to the time
Forced in to a corner for you to call your something "mine"
But now it seems its serious and you wish you could retreat
Back to safety, when you were innocent and weren't claiming your defeat
I'll try to step on lightly and enjoy this so called stroll
But its not a road, or path or street, where all along there is a goal
This way we walk is called a cliff, it ends before were told
It ends before it really starts, a 21 you're forced to fold
blackjack, happiness, the lottery and love
Times a theif to all of us so worship the above.

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