Who's Life

December 11, 2011
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Who's Life?
My life, tiring and hard full of hates and
regrets cant figure the
concepts why o why is my life so hard
once it stops to rain i go outside.
every puddle i see i see the reflection of me
i see the reflection of me waiting to see what
will happen to me the day after today i don't
feel so *** i
go out to see what my life means to me but
once that puddle comes i see what know one
wants to see my reflection is missing
i don't want to be misleading so look under my
bed and you will see the meaning
I'm really sorry but my tI'me had come i made my
choice and my life is done oh my my let me write you
how sorry i am to see you sad it makes me mad I'm sorry
i did this i
know i will surely be missed i know your waiting for me to be
dissed heaven or @#$% i will always yell what oh what
have i done to me i want you to see
that this is all me the blame i see is know where close
to be please oh please just forget about me.
........... your life without me is much better to see

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