Nothing New.

November 15, 2011
By , Mart, TX
Ive been told not to call you.
Talk to you.
Its nothing new.
Youve screwed something up agian.
Youve pissed someone off.
Youve done this many times before.
So is it true?
Are you as pathetic as they say?
It seems like it.
I so wanted you to get better.
I thought you were, there for a while.
But it all went downhill.
And here you are.
At the bottom.
Youve been here before.
Its not the first time.
Its probably where you belong.
Sure wish it wasnt.
You havent yet to see...
What all youve done to this family.
Do you care?
Can you even take it?
Sometimes I just want someone to show you how you treat/ act towards people you 'love'.
You treat your 'buddies' way better than your family.
We only try to help.
We dont want you to be like this.
Its like you can never be fixed...
And im starting to think you cant be.

-Your Daughter.

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