Who Knows the Girl Called Me

November 15, 2011
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Who knows the girl called me?
She is strong, loud, and hopeful
Everyone loves her, or hates her
That is how the life of a girl called me is.
Me, 2 simple letters that explains nothing of the infinite meaning they hold
The darkness it hides of many untold stories
Will it ever get out?
When you is added to me something changes
The Brightside of life shines through
Nothing can change the past, yet you make it forgettable.
You make it possible to move on
People believe they know me
But who really is this girl called me
She is strong, loud, and hopeful
Somewhere deep down she wants change
Staying still, not changing, not moving on…
Is the scariest of all for a girl called me
Me must keep things new or else …
The past catches up and even you can’t protect me from what will happen

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