What Is Music?

November 15, 2011
Music has colors. In fact it is color.
And emotions. Music is emotion.
It is love, it is anger.
It is passion,
and it is the most mundane of emotions.
Passive, yet aggressive.
Plenty of people love music, but in the uncommon souls,
Music is not a part of life…Music is life.
The only one imaginable.
After that first, fiery, taste fades, the person who simply enjoys music,
will want more.
But the rare person…
Who lives music,
Who cannot breathe without notes,
Will need more.
To survive
It is no longer an option.
Not much else matters,
and anything that does,
Can be connected to the melody,
the harmony.
The emotions.
Music is colorful,
It is the deep shimmering green of the ocean in the winter
It is the soft purple sheen of glass, polished by wind and water.
It is the smart black of a penetrating ink, so dark, and so illuminating.
It is feeling, and sight, and taste, and scent.
It is love, it is anger. It is passion, and it is the most
Beautiful of emotions.

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