Nightmare of Death

November 15, 2011
By JelliJessi GOLD, Lake Stevens, Washington
JelliJessi GOLD, Lake Stevens, Washington
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Sneaking into your room
covering the floor with darkness
it stares at you.
Your face calm, relaxed, happy.

Breathless a single tear falls from the dark face
I creep into your mind
playing our past memories.
Your face turns to sadness knowing you let the dark go.

I am just a nightmare to you
I creep in when you don’t want me to
Wake up, dry the tears, go to sleep, and let the memories flourish in your mind again.

The darkness succeeds
the nightmare continues
you die slowly.

Play the memories I saw:
your smile.
Your gleaming eyes.
Your love.

Feel the pain I felt:
the razor biting at my skin.
The blood running out.
The venom from your words.
The tears drying on my cheeks.

Stir in your sleep,
wake up, dear, scream.
You could have saved me, but here I am
just the dark, just your memoires.
Suffer just like I did.
You knew I needed saving, so why did you let me do it?
Why did you let me feel the bit of the razor, to much?
Why would you let me bleed to death?

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