Get Up

November 15, 2011
By Alana96 BRONZE, Ponoka, Other
Alana96 BRONZE, Ponoka, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Did it surprise u Im not who u thot I was? Did it surprise u that I dnt exactly stand for wat u thot I stood for? Did it surprise u that Im not exactly how I playd myself out to be? That the person u thot i was is actually nothing to wat I am.

Pick the broken pieces off the floor,
don't lay there letting them tear you apart.
Get up with what you have left,
don't let them rip it all away.
Take what you have left and run with it.
Make something more with it.
Don't just lay there,
and be scarred by every sharpened piece.
Get up and run,
scream and shout.
Let them know,
you won't let them scar you.
Let them know the pain they caused,
the hurt you endured for them.
Then walk away,
with a tall proud smile.
Don't let them know,
how much you actually died inside.

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