The Piano Girl

November 15, 2011
In a forest of notes
Like small little trees
She plays them out loud
On white ivory keys
Like tiny ballerinas
Jumping like beans
She plays the piano
Her fingers, the lead
The piano, so glossy
Professionally shined
The notes ring out loud
Tuned oh-so-fine
The sound echoes out
All through the hall
Bouncing off windows
Carrying through walls
Like celebrating church bells
Or a victory parade
The warm melody
Is never replayed
In that hall of windows
One white ivory keys
The piano just sits
But the spirit never leaves

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Ayyad said...
Jan. 24, 2012 at 10:20 pm
I love This poem!! It is very unique! I am surprised I am the first to comment!! I would love to hear your opinion on my first and only poem! Check it out!
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