Letter To A Friend

December 7, 2011
By Quinn Patrick BRONZE, Williamsvilee, New York
Quinn Patrick BRONZE, Williamsvilee, New York
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There are many paths to take, shortcuts, secret doors to slide into.
If you believe you have found it hold on tight and remember that exact moment.
My friend looking for the truth is a quizzical process but if your layout is that way then what holy momentum you bring to it.

If you search down wonderful glory from simply being and spending time being than that is your answer in life, sharing in happiness. It may take long roads to get to it, but once you find it, your niche, then you have discovered life’s secretes, not having to carry the pain of others.

Yours is a beautiful way, how poetic how concerned!

Once you figure out being than doing will come naturally, because you hold the choices.

As ourselves, and time continue to grow, we find more divine ways to let life take hold.

My most important memory is that of my closest friend, his life was taken away from him from trying to do something he wasn’t.

Frightening losing someone from trying to put on a brave face and jumping into something they aren’t exactly.

But I know the bright young soul can handle it. I hope there are no regrets leading to the ends of the clocks. The mystery of life floats on and there is a blank end to it.
Nothing more will greet you when the bravery is ended.
Holy soul no one should carry the sorrow on their shoulders, just as no one should steal the joy from the aura’s that surround.

There is only memory’s in the beginning, but the end is heavenly darkness.
Whatever steps collide, smiling to Buddha, make all the footsteps in life lead up to something truly spectacular.

You hold the map of the mind, you chose to fallow it.

Freedom is only the moments of joy, and you chose to dwell on them. You chose the companions of the planets and grab hold of what you desire out of the maze of life.

How wonderful to take away from life a story book of the
We all find different truths, we take different courses. In the end everyone finds the safe haven we were sent out to find-

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