You See (originally just 'See')

December 7, 2011
By SirBrianP GOLD, Leeds,
SirBrianP GOLD, Leeds,
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To see the life we left behind,
To see it clearly in the looking glass
We must become clear and reflective
To see in ourselves our former selves,
The ones we used to be

The ones who danced and laughed and shouted in joy,
The ones who played tag in the tall grass,
The ones who were free

The see outside the box of repetition,
You must open the lid or you will be
Blind from those who help but shun you,
Those who blank you, walk away from your smiles,
As you stand there, waiting for a response

Ask and you shall receive, for we are generous,
We contain all of life’s fun and joy,
We sparkle with its magic,
We keep it all within ourselves,
Just you wait and see –

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