Daddy's Girl

December 8, 2011
By , Mountains, CO
I’m just a kid
My daddy’s little girl
We’re always together
We like to dance and twirl

I look up at him
So high above
He looks down
His eyes filled with love

We’ll always be together
I so ignorantly think
But as I grow
My ignorance begins to shrink

I hear the screaming
From across the hall
I listen helplessly
And start to bawl

I’m eleven now
I know it’s here
The day when it all
Becomes crystal clear

The fight is loud
And out he storms
Tonight I know
He won’t come home

My heart is broken
But still I wait
Staring out the window
It’s getting late

My older brothers
Say it’s over
But that’s impossible
We’re always together

He walked away
And didn’t come back
I wish I could say
We were left intact

For days I cried
My daddy was gone
And my brother disappeared
Leaving us all alone

Why did they leave?
Why were they mad?
What did we do
That was so bad?

I sleep with a knife
Under my pillow
I have to be strong
For all of us now

My sadness turns to anger
That I cannot control
I bully my classmates
They say I’m brutal

Two years go by
With hardly a word
And then he’s back
A part of my world

When he makes his return
I hide in my room
He sadly looks at me
I pretend not to see

He thinks I hate him
I just know he’ll leave again
They’re worried about me
About the way I treat daddy

He tries to
Have a conversation
I just give him
The silent treatment

He says that he
wants a hug
My arms are folded
I don’t budge

“She hates me now,”
He tells my mother
“Just give her time,
She’ll recover.”

I’ve always known
That he loves me
I just can’t help
Feeling so angry

Another fight rips
Him out of my life
Why can’t they end
This unnecessary strife?

I wish we could go
Back to the old days
When we’d dance and sing
And laugh and play

Days drag on
And I’m getting older
I’m tired of giving
Dad the cold shoulder

Even though I’m
Still kinda angry
I want you to know
That I love you daddy

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