December 8, 2011
Winter's chill ran his icy
Fingers through my hair.
He touched my cheeks with his frosty touch.
The Moon was overhead
Shining like an owl's eye.
My breath's mist hung in the air.
As I sat underneath
A barren tree.
Winter has come.
The birds have gone .
Not a flower or sprig remains.
The deer have taken to the depths of the Forest.
No longer a the meadows gay and bright.
The Darkness looms over
Like the shadow of death,
It has taken its toll over all creature.
Many a time I have walked through Barren Forest
The leaves make many a crisp crunch
Underneath my booted feet.
As I walk not a sound can be heard
,Except Winter's breath moving
In the top of the highest barren branches.
Winter Chill; the friend who stays with me
But a few months a year.
Each moment spent in his embrace
Will be cherished
Year after year.

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