Where I'm From

December 7, 2011
I am from building blocks and Lincoln Logs,
from Playstation 1 and an internet that needed “www.” before the website.
I am from Magic Tree House books and Dr. Seuss.
I am from Candy Land and Sorry,
from pee wee soccer and Christ the King basketball.
I am from watching Peter Pan every Tuesday night,
and from learning all about dinosaurs.

I am from dinner with my family every night,
And saying grace before eating.
I am from family gatherings at my aunt’s beach house,
and from searching for Easter eggs at my grandparent’s.
I am from younger sisters and a younger brother,
and from all the yelling and fighting as a result.
(Though not too much of it)
I am from a house that’s always clean,
and repairs done, without a call.

I am from a variety of family vacations,
From Aruba to Colorado, Virginia to Arizona.
I am from reading right before bed
and snacks after a long, hard day at pre-school.
I am from learning how to ride a bike,
from The Foot Book, the first book I ever read.

I am from helping my siblings, using past experience.
Just like my parents did for me.

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