Strife Cycle

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Remember when I could caress lyrics on my tongue like dancing fire?
I grinned with satisfaction at the word webs I could spin
My truths, exposed delicately poetically
My truths, had freedom to breathe
I make scribbles over scribbles over screw ups
Did I forget how to let the flow go?
Did I forget how to bring out the depth of the ocean thats hides like a coward in my mind?
Im stuck in rewind, forgetting how to refine
And replenish
My smile and desire
The desire that jump starts
My lyrical fire
When will I dig myself out of my "safe space"?
Under covers crouching in t-shirts on frazzled desk chairs
Killing braincells and letting my guard down to the seduction of the media
I get vacuumed and recycled into this reocurring cycle
That feeds off of the vulnerabilities of my depression..

..And the day I find my way out of this maze
Will be the day Ill stop hiding at home base
I have to get out in order for you to let me in
Before my hair grows thin
And I begin to rot
So help me learn to let my lava flow and my worries go
Cause even though Im beginning to feel like a lost soul
My molecules are changing every second
And Im beginning to realize, no one has to live a pattern

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