Who Am I?

December 7, 2011
Resurrect dead memories
Instil the fear into your soul
Because once I break you
You will never be whole
Hide your vulnerability
Because on weakness I prey
You may think differently of me
But your impressions I betray
Faith is put in me
By those who are blind
I am life's biggest misery
I infect you then leave you behind
People enjoy my slow killing
They need it to stay alive
But once the high is over
They don't have the will to survive
False hope is my greatest weapon
On it, you all feed
I am no more then pure emotion
Mother natures natural need
Everyone feels me at one point in their life
Everyone wants to believe
But if I said I was real
I would deceive
Who am I?
Look to the sky above
I am everyone's desire
My name is love.

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