My Porcelain Doll

December 7, 2011
Where is my girl?
She ran away and left me all alone.
Wait? Tell me again!
It can't be...
What happened to my doll?
Well she learned, "kill us all."
Forgetting it never happen,
made with pure porcelain.
But that's what drove her mad.
All kill the cutthroat surgeon.
Why would a soul, demolish crystal?
Refining your perfection,
till its rotten affection.
Now, tell me dear,
what happened to my doll?
Did she learn to "kill us all?"
I'm forgetting it ever happened,
made with "fools" porcelain.
But that's what drove her mad.
An you'll never understand...
Adolescence kept you going.
It made you a diamond.
Made you my goth, opal.
But you had to be a gem,
Whatever is now, is better than then.
Now I'm not the puppet master,
that's my present for the new one.
Who will be gone faster,
Cause you killed him with "Glamour Cancer".
So I'm putting you on the dresser forever.
I'll get a new doll, that with never change, ever!

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