December 7, 2011
By Kaela SILVER, Davis, California
Kaela SILVER, Davis, California
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" farewell, best of luck, avoid roasted cabbages, don't eat earwax, and look on the bright side of life!"- Angela from Eldest by Christopher Paolini

I look in the mirror and see

There's a girl, vaguely familiar

She's staring back at me

Who is this girl?

I know I've seen her before

She's a teenager now

But there's much more

She's wearing makeup

Mascara and eye shadow

Her hair looks different

Much more golden yellow

Her shoulders seem to droop

Where did all her energy go?

She used to dance around

Listening to the radio

Where's that smile that she hates?

It seems to be missing

Instead it is replaced

With a lonely expression

She's grown so much taller

Not the munchkin anymore

But she's sagging

Her confidence is no more

But still there's something very wrong

She's all on her own

Where did all her friends go?

She used to have so many

She'd play and talk for hours

Now she just looks lonely

Water builds up in her eyes

Tears begin to stream down her face

She starts to shake

And I realize who she is

I am this girl

All grown up

The years went by so fast

In the blink of an eye

I walk away then

Not wanting to see this girl anymore

I don't like her

I miss how she was before

The author's comments:
Some people don't feel good about themselves. They don't like how they turned out. I hope this poem gives some insight to those who don't know what it feels like for those who don't like themselves.

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