Where I'm From

December 7, 2011
By , Commack, NY
I am from Parcheesi and Scrabble,
from root beer floats and big tee shirts.
I am from the big red couch where I laid with my dog Zombooka .
I am from climbing trees and watching clouds,
from The Sound of Music and Disney princesses.
I’m from snow forts and tree houses,
from dolls and easy-bake ovens.
I am from going to my grandparent’s house in Mets clothes and coming home in Yankees.

I’m from family reunions and yearly traditions,
from being both the youngest and the oldest.
I’m from being one of four girls.
I’m from lazy Saturday mornings with my sisters,
and big Sunday dinners with my grandparents,
from fitting 22 people in a three bedroom ranch,
and just as many on the boat.

I am from taking “The Road Less Traveled” and “Nothing Gold Can Stay”.
I am from moments of clumsiness and moments of grace,
from hard hits and soft landings.
I am from a nerd herd and a dance team,
from true friends and lots of laughs.

I am from love and happiness.
I am a piece of yarn woven into the close knit hearts of the ones I love.

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