December 7, 2011
By , Overland Park, KS
No way to go,
No way to turn,
Couldn’t change the clock
Wishing I hadn’t run away, I wandered to the old bin
Smell was as agonizing as a baby’s diaper
Found a chunk of cheese and devoured the prize
Plip - plip, plip- plip,
Earth covered in a white blanket
Clouds crying tears of snow
Cigarette smoke warming me
Trotted in flip - flops,
Flip- flop, flip-flop
Cold piercing toes
Picked up snowball symbolizing my life
Snowball raised and shaped beautifully
I threw the ball, everything shattered
Raised well, my decision made me lose everything
Lost family, friends, and valuable possessions

Tears kissed my cheeks

Eyes flared open and I found myself on a cozy bed
It was all a dream
A nightmare
One bad choice could lead me to the streets
Life would be what I made it.

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