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December 7, 2011
By val mannetta BRONZE, East Northport, New York
val mannetta BRONZE, East Northport, New York
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I am from games of manhunt every night that never lasted long enough.
I am from oddly shaped popsicles
and the best tasting mints in the world.
I am from climbing into and out of trees all day
and going home with feet the same color as the road.
I am from hide and go seek in the dark
and barely watching scary movies through the cracks of my fingers.
I am from Sundays listening to mob hits all day
and a pasta dinner by two o’clock.
I am from watching television on a small pink couch
and adding pictures to a never ending wall of drawings.
I am from the spinach monster and “the deer song”
and making ravioli for hours, only to end up falling asleep on two kitchen chairs.
I am from laughing at Hansel and Gretel every night
And creepy Italian folk tales that never had a happy ending.
I am from Disney vacations and Thanksgiving at Nana’s house
and always ending that night with a new American Dance Idol video.
I am from Exciting Christmas Eve parties
and New Year’s Eve at the Vermont house.
I am from dressing up in all Grandpa’s cloths
and sharing one of the most messy, colorful rooms in the world.
I am from being known as the psychotic and mischievous child.
From never ending friendships
and loved ones that are missed every day
I am from a home filled with bad jokes and unforgettable memories.

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