What's Love If It's Not True?

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I been asked if I believe in true love
My answer was the same throughout my whole life
No. I believe that in time
We all feel emptiness and bruises
And use these souls to fill the cruelness
But we tell ourselves that we love these people so deeply
No other person could come nearly
To the feelings we feel for this one person
But we fall again and the other is left broken
I don’t believe in true love
I believe in the way we pursue our desires
So we make it out to be this perfection
We call it, like it’s our own reflection
We put these words in phrases
But inside we are burning like a fire
And wanting to want this need
So we feed those with a person that we share similar likes too
But in reality we never wanted this
That’s not love and defiantly not true.

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