Goodbye is Not Forever

December 7, 2011
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Oh what I would give to see the world; what I would give to leave this place. What I would give to stand on a hill top that overlooks everything there is to see.
What I would give to feel the wind gently sweeping across my face; what I would give to see the rain, dampening the window pane.
Yet, I can never bring myself to leave, for the time has not yet come. Although one day I will finally go, I will not be forever gone.
The only thing I ask is for you to let me leave without quarrel. I simply have to conquer the world before I can truly settle.
I cannot live my life wondering what else there is to see. I promise myself that I will never wonder what else I could possibly be.
For having such a marvellous world would be such an incredible waste, if we did not jump at every chance to indulge in just a taste.
How can one live life in their miniscule part of this marvellous planet and, and not wonder what is on the other side? I wouldn’t believe it if you said that the thought had never crossed your mind.
Never would I say that the other side is better, or somehow greater in any way; just different, but no nearly so great as to make me stay.
All I ask is your blessing to go and make you proud. Pleas, allow me to experience every sight, taste, smell and sound.
Although I may travel through every country and over every sea, know that you will always have a special part of me.
Know that although I may change, those changes will make me stronger. I’ll have incredible stories to tell to my children and their yet-to-be discovered father.
So, mommy, don’t cry and daddy be strong for right now you need each other. I won’t be gone for very long; I’ll be back before you have the chance to miss me.
I simply have to change the world, nothing to complicated, but certainly not easy. My love for you is like an unbreakable elastic band
It’ll stretch over land and sea and everything in between. Please don’t let go, if it snaps back the pain will kill me.
Just hold on tight and never forget that I will now and forever be yours. I owe you my life and every chance I’ve ever had to soar.
Don’t fret for me; your tears won’t hit the ground before I’m home again. Yes, home, my home, as it always will be.
All I have to do is change the human race, and I’ll be running home to your embrace. All I have to do is make this world a better place.
So goodbye is not forever, and will be followed with hello. Quite soon I will be home again, but now I have to go.

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