Superhero Me

December 7, 2011
By EOTthatsme SILVER, Silver Lake, Kansas
EOTthatsme SILVER, Silver Lake, Kansas
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I will be a super hero
But only in my dreams
Because when I am dreaming I can be anything
I will fly, with the wind beneath my wings
I am floating on what life has created for me
My identity
I am strong like superman but weak at the knees
I have flaws that you just can’t see
I tend to let my cape cover all that I could be
However I am a superhero and must be as strong as can be
Because if I’m not society will tear down at me
You must understand that I’m not always strong
I can’t always fly
And my ability to stand tall often fails me at times
But this is my identity
I have the strongest strength, for I have honesty
It has built a force field around me
It may change, but we all change
Even a superhero can’t stay the same
My identity is powerful, yet very weak
I care about the things that others think
I will change myself, and will eventually become the truest and purest me
I will become the voice of myself and a detailed portrait for all to see
I will learn my identity
Constantly changing, always free
But for now, I will just be superhero me

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JjustMary said...
on Dec. 22 2011 at 7:16 pm
This is really good!


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