Sorry Doesnt Cut It

December 7, 2011
Scream out loud

Break free of these chains

They confine my soul

Free me from these crimson rains

Im pulling my hair out

Going insane

How can I believe in you

When Im surrounded by this undying shame

Because words fall like rain from your lips

But you proved just what lust can do

And I dont regret anything

Except the faith that I put in you

So if your sorry

I just dont want to know

Baby you cut me so deep

But these scars will never show

Ive wasted so much time

Restless nights spent waiting by the phone

Crying and just praying

That one day you'd come back home

But im done with these tears

Done hiding from

All my childish fears

I do love you

Or at least who you used to be

Theres a reason for everything

But I just dont know why you left me

I knew you would come back

Begging on your hands and knees

Baby I knew I would take you back

You asked me pretty please

But now I dont know how I feel anymore

Dont know what to say

Because you broke my heart

When you up and walked away

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