Brother <3

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I hate seeing you this way

Tears in your eyes

I know your screaming

But no one else can hear your cries

I know the guilt that you carry

I know how you struggle everyday

Because I share your depression

Ever since you youve been away

I smiled countless smiles

For hours on end I cried

Ive seen horrible things be done

And through it all you were by my side

And now nostalgia runs deep in my veins

This house feels empty without you

Your room door is always shut

And now I have no one to run to

I miss my big brother

I miss you so much it kills me

I just hope you know I believe in you

Life can be whatever you want it to be

I can never judge you

Its not my right to judge your sins

In time I promise things will seem brighter

Just promise me you wont give in

The author's comments:
My brother and I have seen alot of things together. Lived a substantial amount of life, in short years. You may say that we are wiser than our years. But things changed when he went to prison. How I miss him.

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