The Means To an End

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Tormented souls, I am not touched by mornings light, I am amoung the living dead, Free me from this endless night. Crimson rains wash over my hopes, Tainting them blood red, Destroying my dreams, Messing with my head. I feel nothing, I am too numb to care, You say I need to forgiver myself, But baby I wouldnt dare. My mistakes forever haunt me, I cant seem to get away, These scars remind me why im here, Why I survive day after day. The truth is trapped behind my eyes, They dont speak but cry, Tears of redemption, without them the world would be so dry. This pain cleanses my intentions, It lets me know that I can die, But if I said I cared about my life, It would be a lie. You think that you know, But you dont see, They way that Im lost, How I have no faith in me. Forever doesnt exist, Time is not our friend, The only thing that im missing, Is the means to an end.

The author's comments:
Sometimes, words cannot begin to give proper explanation. And sometimes there is simply just nothing to say...

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