A Voice for the Voiceless

December 7, 2011
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Animals are precious things,
that all have different features.
Some have paws, hooves, or wings,
and they are all glorious creatures.

I believe animals are a gift from above,
Here to serve us and enhance our mind.
When we abuse our power and don’t show love,
we are overlooking His command to be kind.

Just because God gave us dominion,
does not mean we have divine power.
To abuse them, in my opinion,
turns your heart sour.

Not a sparrow falls from the sky,
without our Creator knowing.
Their unconditional love,
is eternally flowing.

Believe no lies,
search for what is right.
Do not deny,
or give up the fight.

The abuse of animals,
is nothing but pointless.
So be rational,
and a voice for the voiceless.

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