My Life

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

My life hasn’t been good
Yet I find little joys
My body hasn’t been healthy
Yet I try to look good
My face isn’t the prettiest
Yet it’s the only one I have
My hands aren’t the steadiest
Yet I’ve fought many people off
My dreams aren’t normal
Yet I sleep every night
My soul hasn’t appeared
Yet I thought I had a bite
My brain isn’t the biggest
Yet I know who my friends are
My heart isn’t the strongest
Yet I know what love is
Well at least so far
My family isn’t perfect
Yet I know who to care for
My religion isn’t real logical
Yet my faith grows stronger
My shoes are size nine
Yet I can’t fit my dads
My life hasn’t been good
Yet here I am breathing
Deaths got to be easy
Since life is hard
Choosing death would be like
Giving up
My life hasn’t been good
Yet ill fight on

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