November 7, 2011
By AuthorofCreativity96 BRONZE, Hobart, Indiana
AuthorofCreativity96 BRONZE, Hobart, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"self- contemplation is a curse tha makes old confusion worse"- theodore roethke

In a world abundant in colors and Shades.
You see a tree colored in green.
You picture the drowning in blue.
Your earth is simple. a glossy
Blue, green marble engulfed in White.
Prisoner in a tomb
With no escape.
There is no light.
You lost your sight.
However, I am free to see a wild World or colors and shades.
My eyes catch a spotted robin Before it nestles in an autumn Tree.
I look to the sky as a jet streaks By.
Its fumes scar the golden sky with A sickening orange.
My world is circular canvas Splashed with Emeralds,gold,rubies,and sapphire.
I am not colorblind,
Or subject to your sight.
You are blind by your perspective Of life, Shared by many.
My sight is unique,ever changing And accepting.
You are colorblind, crippled, Unable to perceive a world like Mine.

The author's comments:
To begin, I am colorblind. Many people would always ask me what colors I see and don't see, and then they would ask me while pointing at something "What color is this?". I began to find it a little discriminating, not necessarily in a bad way,. Then I realised that the world is what the individual believes it is. This inspired me to write this poem to combine the thought of being color blind and how we may perceive the world. Constructive Criticism is welcomed please.

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