If I Lose You

December 4, 2011
By , Surprise, AZ
Chiming wind chimes and bells wamming in the atmosphere
Wearing a gown of white with ribbons,satin, and delicate lace
Family and friends filled with joy and screaming sad tears
The priest speaks as the air lingers the want of embrace
Each note clawing in my head, that stupid traditional song
The union of two people saying they don't want anyone else
But,the sky looks down and weeps because she knows it's wrong
Her daughter needs emotional support because she already fell
I'm not the one in white,I'm the one in piercing scarlet
Because it's a sin that even though I was there first
That I still love you, I admit those words rubbing at my neck
The rocks down here grow with lime moss,it doens't get worse
How fortunate that you invited me,you know I couldn't say no
I have to watch the beautiful girl get what I want
This feeling has never been so rampant and insane before
I don't know if it could ever die down and be completely gone
How lucky am I? I caught the boquet, oh how I rejoice
Rip off all these damn red roses,how could she be so rude
Muffled,and dead now is the dog laying in my brain,gone my voice
I don't even want to imagine what I will do if I lose you

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